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Dr Gundry Superfood To Eat

Dr Gundry Superfood Definition | To eat daily | For skin & gut health | Beware of phonies

Dr Gundry's Fruit & Vegetable Superfood Rich List - CLICK HERE

Dr Gundry MD Superfood - his definition


He describes a food as being a Superfood, when it is nutrient dense, and packed with healthy polyphenols, antioxidants plus flavonoids, but warns that it is a term thrown at a lot of food these days and many are phonies.

Dr Steven Gundry MD recommends you eat these Superfoods daily:-

Dr Gundry Number ONE Superfood

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives have a unique substance called hydroxytyrosol, or as he like's to call it, “The Longevity Hero.” Scientists believe it could be the key to longevity.

Research shows this “Super Polyphenol” can help:

  • Keep you powered up and energized.

  • Support a healthy heart and blood vessels.

  • Support a healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

  • Soothe worn-down joints and overworked muscles.

  • A bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a table ready to be eaten as a Superfood.

    The benefits of Olive Oil don't stop there...

    “The Longevity Hero” is one of the only polyphenols that can cross the blood-brain barrier. Which means it gets absorbed quickly, and works fast to help:

  • Destroy free-radicals that cause aging and illness.

  • Support a sharp, focused brain right now.

  • Keep your brain working at peak performance for years to come.

  • It is a “power hitter” regarding all aspects of your health and advises his patients to eat at least a liter a week!!

    Make it your go-to as a cooking oil, in salad dressing, pasta, etc. He goes as far as saying - "The purpose of food is to get olive oil into your mouth." He has podcasts covering the benefits of Olive Oil plus which are the best for your health.

    What I learned was to look for Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is stored in a dark container and is young in terms of when it was harvested.

    If you want an oil that that is supercharged with "30 TIMES" the the polyphenol content of regular olive oil then he has sourced olives from the Moroccan desert which have incredibly elevated levels of “The Longevity Hero.” Meaning you wouldn’t need to drink a liter of olive oil a week. You could get the same benefits by taking just a FRACTION of the oil.

    Gundry MD Olive Oil - READ REVIEWS


    Avocados are very high in cholesterol-supporting monounsaturated fats which are the "good fatty acids." They contain a heap of good-for-you phytochemicals and essential nutrients.

    Avocados contain well-over 100 mg of zeaxanthin and lutein per serving which are compounds that help protect the health of your eyes. They are also lower in oxalates which is a compound in many plant foods that can cause calcium build-up plus create stones in your urinary tract.

    This is the one fruit that Dr Gundry recommends you eat daily and year round as they are have a low caloric content.

  • Avocado halves on a board ready to be served as a Superfood due to their good fatty acids.


    They have been described as one of the most powerful medicinal foods on earth. A low calorie source of protein, fiber, antioxidants plus Selenium, Copper, Thiamine, Magnesium and Phosphorus.

    Research has proven they can boost bone and brain health plus as they are rich in Vitamin D, promote a healthy immune system. There are different types of Super Mushrooms each with their own health benefits. 

    Walnuts plus Macadamia or Pistachios

    Once again they contain the "good fatty acids" including high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Antioxidant rich as well. They are heart healthy, help lower cholesterol and the brain look-a-like walnut has brain health improvement qualities. A handful a day is sufficient.

    Dr Gundry points out they a real nuts unlike cashews which are seeds or peanuts which is a legume. Both of which contain unhealthy lectins.

  • Extra Dark Chocolate

    This comes with a WARNING. 

    If you have a food like extra dark chocolate, which has a ton of polyphenols. (Cacao is a superfood packed with antioxidants, minerals and flavonoids.) Then go and add sugar to make the chocolate sweet, it no longer qualifies as a Superfood.

    The polyphenols in extra dark chocolate benefit brain, heart and skin health.

    He recommends eating dark chocolate with at least 72% cacao content and the ideal dosage is - 1 oz square of 85% cacao or better of extra dark chocolate.

    Here is a doctor recommending that you include chocolate in your daily diet - amazing!! Like Walnuts, Macadamia or Pistachios make it your snack of choice. Include it in your dessert recipes but don't add sugar and when snacking, then stick to 1 oz square!!

    What is Dr Gundry Diet Superfood - for the Gut

    These foods are high in prebiotics dietary fiber that nourish your good gut bacteria (probiotics). Unlike many prebiotic Superfoods that are promoted, they are not high in sugars or lectins.

    • Ground Flaxseed - Not only is it a top source of fiber, but it’s also has an abundance of healthy Omega-3 and protein.

    • Artichokes Hearts - Packed with antioxidants.

    • Leeks - Cousins of the onions. Delicious and excellent for your gut.

    • Okra - Can be a a tad slimy but it’s an incredible source of non-digestible fiber.

    • Jicama - A flavorsome, crispy vegetable which tastes a bit like a cross between a potato and an apple.

    What is Dr Steven Gundry Superfood - for the Skin

    These superfoods help ensure that your internal health is reflected in your external health. When you have a visible glow of good health it is because your skin has been strengthen from the inside out. Energized skin cells, strong skin structure and boosted follicles for thicker hair.

  • Sesame seeds

  • Kumquats

  • Kimchi

  • Figs

  • Cloves

  • GUNDRY MD BIOSKIN YOUTH COMPLEX has some of these Superfoods plus more - READ REVIEWS

    Dr Gundry Superfoods not to eat

    Exotic Superfoods - where to source and what quantities?

    Many of the best Superfoods are hard to source, require huge quantities to gain the benefits plus don't taste great. Hence Dr Gundry and his research team have sourced and included them in his range of dietary supplements that could really be called his uniquely formulated Gundry Superfood Supplements.

    Some Exotic Ingredients:-

    Aronia Berries | Grape Seed Extract | Mulberry Extract | Bitter Melon Extract | Green Tea Extract | Licorice Roots Powder | Wormwood Powder | Cinnamon Bark Powder | Maitake Mushroom Extract | Cloves Buds Powder | Grapefruit Seeds Extract | Marshmallow Roots Powder | Berberine Bark Powder | Acacia Gum | Agave Inulin | Guar Gum | Japanese Cherry Blossom Extract | Red and Black Currant Extract |

    Gundry MD Superfood Supplements - BEST SELLERS

    My Conclusion

    So many foods are hyped up as being  Superfood, but I now know which to eat daily, which to avoid, and how some are nutrient-dense for overall health, while others target specific areas.

    Some Superfoods are easy to access daily, others require more of an effort, while others would require some serious research. How to keep your Superfood intake simple:-

    • Eat these daily - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocados, Mushrooms, Walnuts and Extra Dark Chocolate.

    • Use the Dr Gundry MD books and podcasts to educate yourself on nutrition.

    • Face the fact that you are Superfood deficient unless you take dietary supplements.

    • Adding dietary supplements to your food budget is a must.

    "For me, the Dr Steven Gundry MD definition of a Superfood is simple and makes sense. Nutrient Rich & Calorie Poor."

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