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Dr Steven Gundry Supplements

The Gundry Formula + Why add supplements like TOTAL RESTORE & VITAL REDS to your diet?

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Dr Gundry Diet Supplements - Why?

It is Dr Steven Gundry’s firm belief that even if you have the most immaculate, health-promoting diet, you can still benefit from the right supplements.

1) Modern farming practices have depleted soils of nutrients and friendly bacteria populations. Prime examples are the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

2) You simply cannot get all the nutrients and micro-nutrients you need from food, when what you eat isn’t able to deliver those nutrients from the soil.

3) Eating organic produce certainly helps but our soil is still nutrient and friendly bacteria deficient.

While our good gut bacteria love micro-nutrients like polyphenols that protect plants from insects and sun damage, unless you’re eating dozens of different fruits, vegetables and other foods every single day, you are probably not consuming a sufficient variety of these incredibly important micro-nutrients.

So, while introducing the YES list fruit and vegetables into our daily diet is a very positive step, we don’t in reality have the time or money to source rare ingredients then spend all day eating fruit and vegetables.

Plus, not every nutritious fruit or vegetable is easy on the palate!

Remedy - PRIMAL PLANTS with 25 Superfood Ingredients

"The following vitamins and minerals are essential to our well-being, and the vast majority of us are deficient in them." Dr Steven Gundry MD

Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

Couple sitting in the sun as a source of vitamin D which Dr Gundry calls the Immunity Vitamin

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, should be called the Immunity Vitamin.

Your body produces vitamin D in response to sun exposure yet in sunny Southern California, where Dr Gundry has his medical practice, about 80% of his patients are vitamin D deficient and that is closer to 100% if those patients have an autoimmune disorder.

This is in line with a medical research reports that estimate that 75% of adult Americans have low levels of vitamin D.

Widely known as the sunshine vitamin it could really be called the immunity vitamin. Many clinicians promote high doses of vitamin C when first experiencing symptoms of viral or bacterial infections, however, Dr Gundry recommends upping your daily dosage of vitamin D3.

Vitamin D is vital for our immune system, absorption of calcium for our bones, anti-inflammatory for our lungs, reducing blood pressure, positive mood boost, hunger suppressant and cognitive impairment in older men and women.

Gundry MD VITAMIN D 5000 gives you a full 5,000 IU of fast absorbing Vitamin D3 - See Details

B Vitamins

B Vitamins are key for protecting the inner lining of your blood vessels

Yet, half the population has a genetic mutation that prevents them from being able to convert folic acid and vitamin B12 into their active forms.

Prebiotics are the Fertilizer that Boosts the Health of your Internal Garden

In your gut there lives an estimated 100 trillion bacteria which is ten times greater than there are human cells. The good bacteria in your gut are called probiotic and prebiotics are the fibrous foods that feed your good bacteria.

It is important that we feed them because having well-nourished good bacteria may support; overall gut health and digestion, weight loss, distribution of vitamins, immune function, skin health.

Best Prebiotic Foods as recommended by Dr Gundry:-

  • Ground Flaxseed – Not only is it a top source of fiber, but it’s also has an abundance of healthy Omega-3 and protein.

  • Artichoke hearts - Packed with antioxidants.

  • Leeks – Cousins of the onions. Delicious and excellent for your gut.

  • Okra – Can be a a tad slimy but it’s an incredible source of non-digestible fiber.

  • Jicama – A flavorsome, crispy vegetable which tastes a bit like a cross between a potato and an apple.

  • Gundry MD PREBIO THRIVE combines five advanced prebiotic ingredients - See Details

    "Being the fertilizer for your probiotics, a course of prebiotics is highly recommend when taking antibiotics, especially the broad-spectrum kind. It will help restore the probiotics decimated by the antibiotic."

    LECTIN SHIELD - take 2 about 10-20 minutes before eating.

    Container of Lectin Shield - It contains 9 ingredients that have been proven to block or absorb lectins, Take 2 before a meal

    It is hard to avoid lectins all the time. Dining out at restaurants or at a friend's home can be a challenge.

    Rather than stressing, take LECTIN SHIELD.

    It contains nine ingredients that have been proven to block or absorb lectins, so they don’t reach your gut wall.

    You can take two of these before a meal that you suspect will be high in lectins.

    See Details

    Omega-3S Fats

    Vital for Gut & Brain Health

    Omega-3S fats are vital to health of your gut and the health of your brain. Half the fat in your brain, which is made up of 60% fat in total, is a long-chain omega-3 fat called DHA. Unless you are eating sardines or herring daily, you are likely to need to take an omega-3 supplement!

    Gundry MD ADVANCED PLANT OMEGAS an easy, effective, and clean source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids plus all-powerful Omegas 6, 7, and 9.

    Algea is an Incredible Source of DHA, EPA and DPA

    Traditionally fatty fish have been the means of sourcing omega-3s but they don’t actually make omega-3s on their own. They source it from eating algae, a natural plant-based alternative for getting your essential fatty acids.

    It is an incredible source of DHA, EPA and DPA – three of the most powerful Omega-3s your body can get. Great for heart health as they are incredible at keeping your blood sugar and blood pressure in a safe, healthy range.

    Dr Gundry Products - Best Sellers:-

    VITAL REDS - Benefits + Ingredients 

    This unique 4-in-1 formula is jam-packed with all the vital nutrients you need to feel fantastic each day.

    Just one glass of VITAL REDS a day helps:

    • Fuel your body with a rainbow of energizing nutrients.

    • Cover all of your health bases (including all 8 forms of Vitamin B, also known as ‘The Energy Vitamin.’

    • The “super nutrients” in VITAL REDS also support our gut-brain axis (helps our gut and brain to communicate more harmoniously).

    • Most VITAL REDS customers are excited to notice their mind feels sharper and brighter.

    Restore Your Energy Levels

    Every scoop of VITAL REDS is loaded with 34 polyphenol-rich superfruits, so you can make the most of each new day.

    Enjoy Smooth, Comfortable Digestion

    This is thanks to VITAL REDS’ premium blend of 4 probiotic strains — shown to help soothe digestive discomfort no matter what’s on the menu!

    Boost Your Metabolism (for a Lean, Fit Physique)

    For this, he hand selected 7 thermogenic compounds — all shown to support your body’s ability to burn fat (even if you’re stuck in lockdown and being a bit less active than normal). 

    Support your Long-term Wellbeing with Balanced Nutrition

    You already know that eating a wide variety of vitamins and minerals is key to looking and feeling your best. However, the tricky part is fitting them all into a daily diet.

    TOTAL RESTORE - Benefits + Ingredients

    With 16 gut-boosting ingredients, it helps to naturally “patch up” the holes in your digestive system (a pesky condition called Leaky Gut)

    Feedback from trial users reported that after only 4 weeks of TOTAL RESTORE:-

    • 84% noticed higher energy levels.

    • 89% reported thinking more clearly.

    • 93% enjoyed smoother digestion.

    • 95% noticed having fewer unhealthy cravings.

    • 95% reported much better bowel movements..

    4 of the 16 Powerful Ingredients of TOTAL RESTORE:-

    • L-Glutamine -This amino acid not only soothes the lining of the gut wall, but also helps in reducing food cravings.

    • SN-acetyl D-glucosamine - This powerful compound eases joint discomfort, plus it also helps absorb lectins in the gut by preventing them from binding to your gut lining and doing lasting damage.

    • Licorice root extract - Recent studies have shown that licorice root can help the lining of your gut wall.

    • PepZin GI™ - An amalgamation of Zinc and L-carnosine, two “gut-champion” ingredients demonstrated to help soothe the gut lining.

    • Every individual is unique. As such, your results may vary.

    BIO COMPLETE 3 - What is in Dr Gundry's personal favorite?

    This formula combines Prebiotics and Probiotics plus Postbiotic Butyrate which is groundbreaking.

    BIO COMPLETE 3 delivers postbiotic butyrate to your lower gut, plus is combined with spore-forming probiotics and prebiotics that feed the good bacteria, so gas is not produced.

    Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that aids smooth digestion and fast metabolism when it reaches your lower gut. However, having it in a supplement, then getting it past our stomach acid to work its magic, has been problematic until his science team achieved a breakthrough by nano encapsulating the butyrate.

    It helps heal your gut lining and alleviate symptoms of "leaky gut" like cravings for unhealthy food and low energy,

    Gundry MD BIO COMPLETE 3 - See Details

    What is "Leaky Gut" and what causes it?

    Holes in your gut lining that dangerous particles, like bacteria and waste (endotoxins), pass through.

    One of the primary causes of leaky gut are lectins from certain vegetables and fruit that bind themselves to the cells in your gut and rip apart your intestinal lining. That creates spaces for foreign bodies to depart your digestive system and enter your bloodstream.

    The signs of leaky gut can be different for different people, but if you’ve ever struggled with digestive discomfort, some brain fog, food cravings, unwanted weight gain, and pesky skin issues, leaky gut could be the cause.

    My Conclusion

    Dr Steven Gundry MD has convinced me, through science, of the need to invest in supplements to maintain and boost my health.

    What convinced me was the vast array of vitamins and minerals different parts of body require in order to function optimally. Then the complexity of sourcing the correct quality and quantity of food types to consume. Just give me the pills and potions!! 

    • Chances are you are vitamin D3 deficient .

    • There is a 50% chance that you are deficient in B vitamins.

    • Prebiotics are essential but not easily sourced!

    • Keep a supply of LECTIN SHIELD on hand as it isn't always possible to practice avoidance.

    • Having 3 of the most powerful Omega-3s in one non-fishy pill is a winner.

    "It is like having your trusted Doctor prescribing medication that he has personally overseen the development of."

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